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Child Removal and Relocation

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Chicago Child Relocation and Removal Attorneys

Parents involved in child relocation or removal cases in the Cook, Lake, Will or DuPage counties in Illinois need an experienced and skilled attorney helping to protect your rights.

Moving with children can cause enough stress on its own, but when divorced parents share parenting responsibilities or have specific visitation rights, the situation becomes much worse. Child relocation, which used to be called child removal in Illinois, frequently requires legal intervention. With the focus on the best possible situation for the child, getting legal guidance from an experienced child relocation and removal lawyer from Levin & Associates makes sense.

Specializing in High Conflict, High Stakes, High Income Child Removal & Relocation Cases

Levin & Associates has represented many clients that are high profile, high income and high conflict. It’s not unusual to be involved in representing a spouse, or children, in the divorces of celebrities, entertainers, business executives and other high net worth individuals.

Securing a fair and equitable agreement that allow you to move or relocate with your child without a prolonged legal fight requires knowledge, strategy and, most of all, experience. Our attorneys have more than 40 years of experience handling all aspects of complex and contested child relocation cases and are acutely aware of the special considerations required by our high net worth clientele.

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According to Illinois child custody laws, the custodial parent with whom the child lives must seek approval from the courts to move the child out of state or a certain distance away in the state. Besides a court order granting permission, the non-custodial parent must also approve. We offer comprehensive legal assistance to parents on either end of the relocation issue, those who wish to move with their children and those who wish to maintain visitation and a close relationship.

“Words cannot describe how grateful I am to you and your staff. My relocation situation was frightening and I didn’t know what to expect. But after meeting with Joel Levin, I knew I had found the best possible attorney to represent me. You were honest, telling me the truth about my case, good or bad. You prepared me for a potentially long, hard battle. Your team was so thorough and detail oriented, while keeping me updated every step of the way, responding to my phone calls and emails quickly, addressing my concerns clearly and compassionately. You made a very difficult situation tolerable.”

As with most family law matters involving children, the judges are charged with acting in the best interests of the children and not giving preferential treatment to one parent over another. The child relocation attorneys at Levin & Associates understand current Illinois laws, have experience with these negotiations and are prepared to gather in-depth information about your particular case before the court date. We combine ability with an aggressive dedication to helping you achieve the best outcome possible.

Frequently asked questions about Child Removal and Relocation:

What does child relocation or child removal mean?

The legal term for one parent wanting to move with their children out of state or far away within a state is child relocation (removal).

What triggers most child relocation issues?

Parents may want to move for any reason, but the most common include job relocation, educational opportunities, moving to be close to extended family, or if they remarry.

Don't parents have the right to live in any location they want?

Divorced or unmarried parents have the right to move wherever they wish. However, the courts may find it is not in the best interest of the child to move. Illinois law allows for the courts to decide whether a child may be move out of state in a contested situation.

Is it legal to move my children out of state with me?

It is quite possible an out-of-state move with your children can happen. However, the Illinois court system must determine this based on various factors. Proper legal counsel can help you navigate this process.

Our expert attorneys are ready to help you determine the most appropriate parenting arrangement possible

Parental Rights Need Protection in Child Relocation and Removal Cases

Trust the experienced Chicago family law attorneys at Levin & Associates to represent you in your child relocation or removal case. Parents who want to move and those who want to prevent a move need qualified, informed representation to preserve their rights.

Call Levin & Associates  at 312-598-0405 to schedule an appointment to discuss the specifics of your child removal or relocation situation. Your consultation is private and confidential.

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