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Top-Rated Chicago Divorce Lawyers

Our award-winning Chicago divorce attorneys provide professional and comprehensive divorce representation to residents in Cook, Lake, Will and DuPage counties in Illinois.

When it comes to divorce, a smooth dissolution of the marriage and peaceful transition into the rest of your life depends largely on how well your attorneys navigate Illinois law. This extends to establishment of appropriate parenting time (child custody), child support, spousal maintenance (alimony) and the division of marital assets and property.

High-profile, high net worth and celebrity clients have unique concerns when it comes to divorce and other contested disputes. When the financial stakes are high, the legal issues tend to be significantly more complex. The attorneys at Levin & Associates, based in Chicago, have an exceptional understanding of the legal and financial consideration in high-asset contested disputes as well as our high-profile and celebrity clients’ need for confidentiality. Our firm brings substantial experience in high-asset, high-conflict and high profile divorce litigation, negotiation, settlement and high income dispute resolution.

We regularly represent celebrities, athletes, entertainers, business owners, business executives, professionals and other high net worth individuals. We also represent many spouses of substantial wealth individuals who require sophisticated representation to ensure that they are treated fairly in complex divorce cases that involve division of high value marital estates.

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You need a top Chicago divorce attorney who knows the law and has experience with the entire divorce process. Protection and preservation of your rights are extremely important in any divorce case, whether you are filing for divorce or are the one who is served divorce papers.

“There are no words to express how thankful I am to have had Joel Levin by my side throughout my divorce case. This was the scariest time of my life and to know that I had the most trustworthy attorney made the ordeal much more comfortable. I highly recommend Levin & Associates.”

Levin & Associates provides comprehensive representation and will guide you though the divorce process to ensure the best possible outcome and a minimal amount of stress. We offer full-service legal representation in Cook and Lake counties in Illinois.

Divorce, whether contested or uncontested, can be complex a legal process that can carry considerable emotional strain and conflict, especially when children are involved. You need to make the right decision and retain the services of a qualified Chicago divorce lawyer. Choose one who specializes exclusively in the practice of family law in order to receive the most beneficial advice on your legal options and help with protecting your rights and interests.

Both contested and uncontested divorces require strict adherence to the law. An experienced attorney with full knowledge and understanding of the complexities and how to navigate the process gives you peace of mind that every form is filed correctly, negotiations or court appearances lean in your favor, and the divorce comes to a fair resolution as quickly and affordably as possible.

During what may be one of the most emotionally charged times of your life, you must make several tough decisions. Who stays in the family home and who moves out? Which assets and possessions go to whom? If children are involved, who will determine the allocation of parenting time and what does that entail? What about child support and visitation rights for grandparents? You may not be able to find the best answers to these questions on your own.

The attorneys at Levin & Associates have more than 40 years of divorce and family law experience. As highly-rated Chicago divorce lawyers, we are prepared to fight for your rights and interests throughout the divorce and contested child custody proceedings. We help answer all your questions and approach the new chapter in your life confidently.

We represent clients in all types of divorce situations:

Uncontested Divorce

Sometimes marriages end without animosity or conflict. If the divorce is uncontested, much of the struggle and emotional turmoil goes away. An uncontested divorce means that the people involved come to decisions about the dissolution of marriage, property and asset distribution, and parenting time and support together. This is the quickest, most efficient, and least expensive method of separation.

Contested Divorce

In many divorce cases, spouses are unable to agree with respect to the important issues that must be resolved. When the parties involved do not agree and cannot work together to find a compromise the case can be wrought with conflict and disagreements. When property division, parenting time, spousal or child support are contested, more time is require resulting in higher cost. Not only can a contested divorce be expensive and time consuming for both parties involved, but may also have a lasting emotional impact on the spouses and any children.

Divorce with High Net Worth Involved

For divorce cases that involve substantial assets, large estates, complex business valuations or other “High Net Worth” holdings, it is extremely important that you retain the services of a divorce attorney that has extensive experience with high net worth or high asset divorce cases. High net worth divorce cases require special skills and can require complex discovery, investigation, appraisals and valuations for everything from real estate to intellectual property to family heirloom jewelry and art collections. Because of these factors, high net worth divorce cases are oftentimes fiercely contested and can be much more complex to litigate.

Chicago Divorce Lawyers – Committed to Serving You

Our team of experienced legal professionals at Levin & Associates understands how to navigate Illinois law to the benefit of every client. We can assist you in either uncontested or contested divorce, with or without a prenuptial agreement in place. We have extensive experience in all matters related to family law from simple uncontested divorce to complex dissolutions of high net-worth relationships with both individual and business assets. We help navigate the process of parenting time, support, and visitation to keep things reasonable for all parties involved.

In the Chicagoland area, our expertise and client-focused approach have created a reputation for positive outcomes. We offer you and your family our extensive knowledge, vast experience, and the attention your case deserves.

Call us today at 312-598-0405 to discuss how we can help you navigate your divorce or family law matter in Cook, Lake, DuPage, and Will counties in Illinois. The experienced Chicago divorce attorneys at Levin & Associates are ready to meet with you and discuss your particular needs.

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