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Parenting Time (Child Custody)

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Top Contested Child Custody Lawyers in Chicago

Let us help you create a fair and equitable child custody and visitation schedule, which includes clear statements of parental responsibilities. Our child custody attorneys work in the Will, Lake, Cook, McHenry, and DuPage counties of Illinois.

In child custody decisions, the court will always rule in what it sees is the best interest of the child when determining decision-making responsibilities between formerly married and unmarried parents. This may not be as clear-cut a decision as it seems.

Experts at Handling High Profile, High Stakes, High Income Child Custody Cases

Levin & Associates has managed cases that are both high profile and high conflict. It’s not unusual for them to be involved in representing a party, or the children, in celebrity divorces for athletes, executives and the like. They are exceptionally skilled trial lawyer who handles the difficult and complex financial cases for high net worth individuals as well as fighting for the rights of children as a guardian ad litem.

Are You Involved in a High Conflict, High Stakes or High Profile Child Custody Case?

Our attorneys provide comprehensive representation for individuals engaged in contested child custody proceedings where significant assets, investments or business interests are involved. Our unique ability to identify and examine the key elements in proceedings involving high profile and high net worth individuals gives our clients the advantage in asset preservation and the protection of their financial interests.


If you need legal representation for a high-asset, high profile or high conflict child custody case with complex marital estate considerations in the Chicago area, including Cook and Lake counties in Illinois, we are here to help.

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Contested Child Custody and Visitation (Allocation of Parental Responsibilities)

The State of Illinois has done away with the term “custody” and replaced it with “allocation of parenting responsibilities.” In essence, this means that the state took all of the parenting responsibility issues commonly dealt with in child custody cases, such as living arrangements, education, religion and healthcare and divided them in to separate issues for which the responsibility can be assigned to either or both parents.

“Joel Levin was hired as my attorney to represent me in a child custody case. He answered every question I had without hesitation. He pushed for the best scenario for my children. He not only worked for me, but had my children’s best interest at heart as well.”

Determination of parental responsibilities can depend largely on the evidence presented by the attorneys for each party. When facing this situation yourself, having the experienced and knowledgeable counsel of a Chicago child custody lawyer can make the process easier, less stressful, and the outcome more beneficial to both you and the children.

Every client who walks through the doors of the Chicago, Illinois office of Levin & Associates receives personal attention tailored to their particular needs. Whether you seek help with allocation of parenting responsibilities, understanding child custody or have questions about visitation rights, we begin by learning about your unique circumstances and goals. We take the time to explain all aspects of your family law matter, including parental obligations and possible outcomes so that you fully understand and participate in the process. When necessary, we seek out consultations with childhood psychologists, education experts, and other professional individuals who can help determine the ideal future situation for all children and parents involved.

Our expert attorneys are ready to help you determine the most appropriate parenting arrangement possible.

High Profile and High Conflict Child Custody Attorneys in Chicago 

Parents embroiled in a divorce that involves children and parental responsibilities may find it challenging to remain objective and find the best possible way to move forward. Our experienced child custody attorneys use their knowledge and skill to guide you through the process. The end goal is establishment of a fair and appropriate parenting plan that, first and foremost, benefits the children while being reasonable for all parties involved.

We advocate for children in all cases related to the determination of decision-making responsibilities, no matter how complex or difficult. Our Chicago-based custody and visitation attorneys are ready to stand firm and protect your parental rights while maintaining the goal of best interest for all children involved.

Over the course of his 45-year career, Levin has developed a reputation as an expert in protecting children through custody battles and family disputes.

Speak with one of our Chicago custody lawyers today by calling Levin & Associates at 1-312-598-0405, and learn how we can protect your parental rights and interests.

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