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Guardian Ad Litem

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Chicago’s Top Guardian Ad Litem – Child Representative

A champion for children in crisis devoted to serving children as their court-appointed representative and guardian ad litem.

Oftentimes in a contested child custody, visitation or allocation of parenting time dispute, the court may appoint an attorney to serve as guardian ad litem (GAL) or child representative to act as the “voice” of the child to ensure that the child’s interests are represented and considered when decisions are being made that affect the child.

The opinions and recommendations of the GAL can be very persuasive to the court and can substantially affect a case to obtain custody or modify an existing parenting time order.

“There are no words to express how thankful I am to have had Joel Levin by my side throughout my divorce case. This was the scariest time of my life and to know that I had the most trustworthy attorney made the ordeal much more comfortable. I highly recommend Levin & Associates.”

Chicago’s Top-Rated Guardian Ad Litem

Over the course of his 45-year career, Joel J. Levin has developed a reputation as an expert in protecting children through custody battles and family disputes. By some estimates, he has represented roughly 2,000 children, getting families into counseling and in some cases restoring marriages.

Mr. Levin has managed cases that are both high profile and high conflict. It’s not unusual for him to be involved in representing a party, or the children, in celebrity divorces for athletes, executives and the like. He’s an exceptionally skilled trial lawyer who handles the difficult and complex financial cases for individuals as well as fighting for the rights of children as a top-rated guardian ad litem.

Mr. Levin was recently recognized by Leading Lawyers Magazine as the “Godfather of Guardian Ad Litems” in Chicago” – a prestigious honor reserved for a man that is a champion for children in crisis and is devoted to serving as their court-appointed representative.

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