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Chicago Paternity Lawyers

When you need to prove paternity to start or contest support proceedings, our Chicago parentage attorneys are ready to help.

The importance of determining paternity and protecting it cannot be understated.

The legal term for paternity, which means providing genetic proof of the identity of the biological father of a child, is parentage. This process paves the way for a successful father-child relationship, appropriate legal rights and responsibilities such as child support, allocation of parenting time and visitation.

“I was represented by Joel Levin in my parentage (paternity) case in Illinois. It was a difficult time for me. They were professional and courteous, knowing how emotionally difficult this was for me. Their staff took time to inform me of details on the case, and in the end I was very satisfied with the results all due to their efforts.”

Unmarried parents must determine paternity for the court system to clarify parental rights. These include who gets to make decisions about how the child is raised, any child support payments, custodial arrangements, and visitation schedules. Legal representation helps you navigate the court system whether you seek to prove paternity or contest an unfounded claim or parentage.

Chicago Area Paternity Attorneys Protect Your Rights

The Chicago family law professionals at Levin & Associates offer support and representation for both sides of the paternity question. Every client gets a personalized approach so we can better understand your case, your needs and your goals. This allows us to help more effectively, provide honest feedback and bring the paternity determination to a satisfactory close. The process may involve many steps, such as DNA testing, filing paperwork and court appearances for determination of parenting responsibilities, visitation rights, child support payments and more.

The Importance of Choosing a Top-Rated Chicago Paternity Lawyer

A common misconception of the family law court system is that the mother always comes out ahead in any decision or ruling. This includes custody, parenting time, support payments and parenting tasks like decision-making and more. In truth, courts must work to make the right choice for the children’s best interest. They carefully weigh all submitted information and listen to the family law attorneys to come to these decisions.

Establishing paternity or contesting a paternity claim is just one facet of the often complex family law system. We offer experienced and informed lawyers ready to give their full attention to your case. Though we prefer to solve things amicably in negotiation or dispute resolution stages, our attorneys have the skills and strength to advocate for your rights and desires before a judge.

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